I'm offering to do Photo, Video, Music, and Lighting work in the Brunswick County North Carolina area.   Please check my pages.   

If I'm doing a large event, I will have helpers for Photo and Video recording that I have worked with before.   I will do all Filing, Processing, Editing, Show Creation, and customer interface.         

I look forward to providing a quality product at a reasonable price for you.


Thank you for visiting.

I've had a Photography hobby for over 30 years.  I've done Wedding photography for friends & family, and for Charities.    I have about 15 years experience creating custom DVD Shows for friends & family, and Fundraisers.    Ten years doing DJ Music, many times on various floats in local parades.    Music DJ for Weddings, Receptions, and Parties for friends and family, and 'friends of friends'.    Most of my work has been for family, friends, charity organizations, and 'word of mouth referral' for friends of friends.   Whether its Photo, Video, or Music, every time I do something for them, they tell me 'you should do this as a business'