Lighting can be tailored to the event.  Not all lights may be needed.

1  Old Style (Classic) Mirror Ball Reflector, White Light

1  LED Multi Color Spin (Mirror Ball Simulator) Pattern Light
2  LED Light Water Effect Motion Pattern Projector Light (great for a focal point)
2  Red Green Blue Motion LED Pin Spot Lights (really cool)
1  Red / Blue Dot Laser
1  Large Area Pattern Laser (good for covering an area)
4  Synchronized Motion Pattern / Spot / Strobe Lights

Color Backlighting for 6 White Tripod Scrims (Indoor only).

I also have a Quality Projector and 5 ft x 8 ft screen available for extra charge.

         These Lights are Awesome – you’ll love it.

Set up on a float (with the Grandkids help).  Southport 4th of July Parade 2017.

(Better Photos of the real equipment and light gear coming soon)

Set up in a truck.  Oak Island Christmas Parade 2016.

Music and Lighting

I've played music in various Parades and Events since 2007.  I've also played at friends and family Weddings, Receptions, and Parties.  I've set up my sound system at a Family Reunion as a PA System.  I can provide my own generator power and be mobile.  

For more formal events, I have Speaker Stands, Lighting Stands, and a Table Apron.

I can set up either Indoor or Outdoor.   Outdoor includes a DJ Canopy.

Indoor Only: the Speaker and Light Stands can have either Black or White Scrims. 

The White scrims can have multicolor backlighting.  

Standard Sound System package

I can set up a quality sound and light system almost anywhere.

But Sorry, I cant take my equipment to a Beachfront with Salt Spray.

I play the Music that you want!!

Lighting Package is Not Recommended for Outdoor Daytime.  (you can't see it!)

Lighting is only effective where we can control the Room and Window lighting.  

Great for Outdoors at Night.    I’ve used lighting in the Southport after dark 'Light up the Night' Christmas Parade.  It was a big hit!

Set up on the deck at Sunset Harbor, July 2016.

Generic gear photos,,,,   I'll replace with better photos of my gear.

Standard Lighting System package

The Standard Sound System is a Four Speaker  1200 Watt Stereo System.

Power Mixer,  Power Amplifier,  Driven by a Laptop,   with a separate Digital Back-up.
1 Corded Microphone (approx. 40 ft) and stand
1 Wireless Microphone
1 Wireless Headset Microphone 

         Its Loud and Clear – you’ll love it.

Sample Photos

Test set-up at my house.    I'll take a better photo at the next event set-up.