While on-site Photo Printing is a novel idea, it may not be practical for every event.   I’ve done it before at Charity and FundRaiser Events and it worked very well (we sold the photos to raise money).   This Requires my Photo Processor and Printer must be on-site,  it fills a tabletop for space, and is limited to printing about one   8x10  photo every 10 minutes for a good quality photo.   But still, it works well for FundRaising if you're doing a limited number of photos. 

Photography and Video

My specialty is Photo Editing and Restoration.

Special Requests Photos and Portraits.

​Of course!!   No Problem!           I can do that too.

On-site Photo Printing.  At your Event!

Photography Experience:   Weddings, Receptions, Portraits, Schools, Sports Events, Photo Fundraisers, Kids, Groups, Pets. 

Video Recording Experience:   Weddings, Receptions, Events, Kids.

​​Also -  Infra Red Night Vision Photo and Video.