Prices vary depending on the project and size.   I may need some helpers for large events. 

Wedding Photo: typical Wedding & Reception photography is about $500,   all photos on a Memory stick as JPEG Files

Wedding Video:  typical Wedding & Reception Video is about about $200

     I can set up stationary recorders and have mobile recorders.

Non-Wedding Photo / Video:   I need to know what you want before I can estimate it.  I'll be happy to work with you.  

Prices can vary depending on what you request.   Equipment may be added or removed as you request for an adjustment to the price.

Setup and Takedown are not paid times.

Standard Sound Package:

   $400 for 4-hour minimum

    $75 for each additional hour past 4 (as many hours as you want) 

Standard Lighting Package

     $150  per event

Projector and 5 ft x 8 ft Screen:  

      $40 per event

Prices will vary depending on show content.

Typical estimate is  $50 plus $2 per minute of show time.   So a 40 minute show would be  $50 plus (40 x $2) =  $130.

You can estimate maybe 300 to 400 photos for a 60-minute show.

Basic DVD Package includes 5 Shows.     Extra Shows are $5 each.

All Discs have a printed face and a Jewell Case.

Photo Scanning is extra, approximately $30/hr

DJ Music and Lighting

DVD Shows

Call to discuss prices.

All Prices can vary depending on the Event and the service you want.   I can meet with you to discuss anything.   I can provide 'estimates' by email or phone, which are not binding.   We will need to meet and discuss specific terms, after which I can provide you with a written 'quote', if you desire.     

All prices below are estimates (effective 10/01/2017).

Photography and Video